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You can read the translation of my private a-ha story here.
I hope you will enjoy it.

I'm Birgit - but many call me Beatchy as well - and I live in Hannover, Germany.
I was born 1972 and I'm an a-ha fan since the beginning - that means 1986.
The first time I heard the music of a-ha, because my older sister bought the first album Hunting high and low (discography) of a-ha. If she didn't have the album, who knows if I ever became an a-ha fan. So I have to say really thanks to my sister.
Since this time I really loved a-ha and the second album Scoundrel days I bought on my own. The swing of things and the title song Scoundrel days are until today some of my favourite a-ha songs. Like Hunting high and low as well.
The first tour (see a-ha on tour) of a-ha in 1986 I didn't join, because I was too young.
The year 1988 was really special for me. Of course I bought the third album Stay on these roads, but besides I saw a-ha live in Hannover for the first time in my life. How great!
And again I have to thank my older sister, because we went together to this concert. I was at this time only 15 years old and my parents didn't want that I go on my own.
After the concert I was more fan than never before. I collected everything about a-ha and listed to a-ha's songs every single day.
The year 1991 wasn't less exciting for me. The fourth album East of the sun, west of the moon came out and of course I had the chance to see a-ha live again in Hannover and Essen. And after the concert I met Morten the first time in front of the hotel. Probably you can imagine how excited I was to see him for the first time not only on the stage and talk to him as well.
One of the tours I liked most was the tour in 1993 - although the album Memorial beach isn't my favourite a-ha album now, except Angel - I love the song so much. In 1993 I visited three concerts (Hamburg, Hannover and Frankfurt). The picture I have with Morten from Hamburg is the first picture I have with him. I will really keep it in honour for the rest of my life.
Morten & myself in Hamburg, 1993
After these concerts the a-ha break came for me. More important for me than a-ha were my boyfriend and my education. I think that isn't unusual because I was 22 years old at this time.
The comeback of a-ha was really surprising for me. The promotion for Summer moved on I missed, because I was in the USA at this time. When I came back I heard that a-ha released a new single and the new album Minor earth, major sky. And in the moment as I heard it for the first time, a-ha were again a part of my life! All my memories with a-ha came back and I met my former a-ha friends again. That was really great to see them all again after years.

Myself & Magne in Hamburg, 2000
In november 2000 I visited four concerts of a-ha (Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Braunschweig). And the best whishes for my 28 birthday I became from Morten in Berlin at night in the hotel, how wonderful! My older sister went to the concert in Braunschweig, too. This was her first a-ha concert after 1988 and after the concert she said to me: Now I know why do you like a-ha so much. She also liked the concert very much.

In 2001 I was of course in Oslo, in Stuttgart, in Skanderborg (Denmark)and visited the festival Rock im Park in Nürnberg. Especially I was really happy to visit Oslo after 10 (!!!) years again and to see a-ha in their home country. That was really special for me. Not only because I met Morten at the after show party again, but also because the audience was really special in Oslo.

2002 was a great a-ha year as well. In june I travelled again to oslo to see a-ha at the Ullevaal Stadium. Besides I visited the smallest a-ha concert ever - for me - in Aarhus (Denmark). That was really a wonderful experience. In september were the german tour dates and I saw a-ha in concert in Leipzig, Halle, Hannover, Bremen, Berlin and Hamburg. In Leipzig I had the possibility to give a-ha some files which including greetings of their fans. You can read a report about it here: Greetings to a-ha. The coldest a-ha event I ever visited was in december 2002 at the opening of the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg. You can read about the event here: a-ha at the opening of the Volkswagen Arena.

Finally I only can say that this isn't the end of my a-ha story and that I will still spend many wonderful moments with a-ha in the future ...

Written & copyright by Birgit Meyer, 20th August 2003

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