Since their comeback in the year 2000, a-ha have been on several tours and played at different festivals. I had the possibility to visit many concerts, festivals and events.
Here you can read a selection of reports about a-ha which have been written by myself.
Besides the pictures which belong to the reports are made by myself and I have the copyright.
More informations about the reports you can read: here!

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New reports:
2003, 2004 and 2005

Old reports:

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> All reports you can read here are written by Birgit Meyer or m + b media.
The copyright for all these reports has m + b media and it is prohibited to put the reports
and pictures without our permission on other websites or to publish them into print medias.

> Before presenting these reports to the public we made intensive investigations.
If you have any questions ore remarks please contact:

>> These reports were also available for some other print medias or websites,
f.e. for the german a-ha fanclub and an a-ha fanclub in U.K..

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