Pål Waaktaar Savoy

Pål was born on 6th september 1961 in Tonsenhagen, Norway. He is the guitarrist of the norwegian band a-ha. Besides a-ha, Pål has also worked on soloprojects (his band Savoy). On this site you can inform youself about Savoy's albums and more.

Pål's (Savoy's) albums

Mary is coming, 1996

1. Daylight's wasting
2. Tears from a stone
3. Velvet
4. Foolish
5. Half an hour's work
6. Underground
7. Get up now
8. Still I'm on your side
9. We will never forget
10. Raise your sleepy head
11. Mary is coming

Lackluster me, 1997

1. Lackluster me
2. Unsound
3. You should have told me
4. Foreign film
5. Flowers for Sylvia
6. I still cry
7. Sycamore leaves
8. Rain
9. Butt out
10. This, that & the other
11.Hey Luchie
12. Easy
13. If you tell

Mountains of time, 1999

1. Man in The Park
2. Star (I'm not stupid baby)
3. End of the line
4. Any Other Way
5. When they grind you Down
6. Bottomless Pit
7. Mountains
8. Ocean Floor
9. Everyone (can say they're sorry)
10. See what becomes
11. Break it gently
12. Tongue Tied

Reasons to stay indoors, 2001

1. Reasons to stay indoors
2. If you won't come to the party
3. Face
4. Half of the time
5. Once upon a year
6. The fear list
7. I would not change a thing
8. Paramount
9. The one that got away
10. Against the sun
11. Five million years
12. Overgrown

Savoy, 2004

1. Empty Of Feeling
2. Girl One
3. Bovine
4. Whalebone
5. Shooting Spree
6. Melanie Lied To Me
7. Watertowers
8. Is My Confidence Reeling
9. Rain On Your Parade
10. Cyna
11. The Breaker
12. Isotope
CD2 (only for the limited edition)
1. Bonus DVD

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biography of Pål

Pål was born on 6th september 1961 in Tonsenlagen, Norway
He has a sister called Tonje, she is two years older than Pål.

Pål Waaktaar Savoy and Magne "Mags" Furuholmen were members in the band Brigdes and they have seen Morten in 1982 when he played with the band Soldier Blue in a music club in Oslo. Magne and Pål liked the voice of Morten and they asked him to come with them to London, but Morten need some time to think about that. On 14th september 1982, Morten's 23rd birthday, the three guys founded a-ha (watch also a-ha in general).

On 21st december 1991 Pål married Lauren Savoy. Pål and Lauren have already a child - a son called Augie (August), born 3rd august 1999.
Pål with Augie and Lauren

Pål, Frode and Lauren

The band Savoy is a norwegian-american band. The memebers are the guitarrist of the norwegian band a-ha Pål Waaktaar-Savoy, his wife Lauren Savoy and Drummer Frode Unneland.

The first album Mary is coming came out in the year 1996 and the next year (1997) the second album Lackluster me was published. This album got a price at the Spellemannsprisen (norwegian Grammy) for the best rock album, though only 11000 copies of the album were sold.

In the year 1999 the third album with the titel Mountains of Time came out. The promotion single Star (I'm not stupid baby) was played in the summer 1999 in many norwegian radiostations and had a place in the Hit40 (the norwegian radio charts). The norwegian newspapers "VG" and "Dagbladet" have written good critics about the album Mountains of Time and finally the album was on the top of the "VG lista Topp 40" (the official album charts in Norway). That was really a success for Savoy and the album got in the next year (2000) the Spellemannsprisen. In the same show a-ha performed their new single Summer moved on as well.

In september 2001 the fourth album of Savoy called Reasons to stay indoors came out and the first single is You won't come to the party. Watch also: albums.

Savoy finnished their work on their fifth album which will come out the 30th August 2004. Besides Savoy will perform at some festivals and will give some concerts in August and September 2004 in Norway. More informations see: News.

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