Magne Furuholmen

Magne was born on 1st November 1962 in Manglerud, Norway. He is the keyboarder of the norwegian band a-ha. Besides a-ha, Magne has also worked on different soloprojects (f.e. Timbersound). On this site you can inform yourself about Magne´s solo albums and more.

Magne's albums

Ti kniver i hjertet, 1994

Hotel Oslo, 1996

1. Con sordino
2. In the hands of fools
3. City view
4. A room for thought
5. Witchi tai to (The sharp canopies of your broken heart)
6. Corridor
7. We'll never speak again (City view II) - which Anneli Drecker
8. I remember you
9. Half remembering,
half trying to forget
10. Shaft man
11. White walls, a door
and a window
12. The city breathes
(a stinking rhythm)
13. Freddie's hymn: Ismael
(Sea of blood)
14. The postcard you never sent
(Greetings from hotel oslo)

Hermetic (1732 Høtten), 1998

Dragonfly (Øyenstikker), 2001
watch also: lyrics

1. Dragonfly
2. And now we are here
3. Close your eyes
4. Moths (now I recall)
5. Swimming in silence (twice)
6. One small glance across the shoulder, and ...
7. All is changed (resonance)
8. This small favour that I ask
9. Sleep, Maria
10. Dragonfly - video

Past Perfect Future Tense, 2004
1. Obsolete
2. All The Time
3. Past Perfect Future Tense
4. No One Gets Me But You
5. Kryptonite
6. Nothing Here To Hold You
7. A Friend Like Me
8. Little Angels
9. 2CU Shine
10. You Don't Have To Change
11. Envelop Me
12. Never Sweeter

Available from 20th September 2004 in Norway.
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Dragonfly Differences

I will never let you down
I will always be around
I will never raise my voice
I will keep this tender poise

In the time we are here
We'll see love disappear
In the time that we're here
We'll be lost in our fear
Lost in our fear

I will never bring you down
I will always stick around
I will heat you when you're cold
I will nurse you when you're old

In the time we have left
We'll raise eyes to the sky
Don't ask how don't ask why
Just fly dragonfly
Fly, dragonfly

Text & music: Magne Furuholmen

Raise your voice
Give us hope
Make us whole
Save our souls
We have failed so many times
Our attempts in steep decline
Promises we could not keep
Differences that run too deep

We're afraid of ourselves
For a while
Keep us safe
Love is such a big idea
If you don't see it, how can we?
Promises we could not keep
Differences that run too deep

Show the way
Lead us home
We are lost
Give us hope

Text & music: Magne Furuholmen
a-ha performed this song at the
Nobel Peace Prize concert 2001 in Oslo.

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biography of Magne

Magne was born on 1st November 1962 in Manglerud, Norway.
His father Kaare is musician and his mother Anneliese a teacher. The family was in 1966 with his sister Line complete. One year later Magne's father Kaare died in an air-crash. His mother married again and so Magne has twostepbrothers - Thorstein und Trygve, too.

Magne "Mags" Furuholmen and Pål Waaktaar Savoy were members in the band Brigdes and they have seen Morten in 1982 when he played with the band Soldier Blue in a music club in Oslo. Magne and Pål liked the voice of Morten and they asked him to come with them to London, but Morten need some time to think about that. On 14th september 1982, Morten's 23rd birthday, the three guys founded a-ha (watch also a-ha in general).

In 1992 Magne married Heidi Rydjord. Magne has two sons - Thomas Vincent, born 20th april 1990 and Filip August, born 2nd Oktober 1993.

Since 1994 Magne is also interest in art.
He paints pictures and makes sculptures which can be seen in Norway in museums.

Besides Magne is also as a solo artist - called Timbersound - sucessful.
In 1994 Magne wrote together with Kjetil Berkestrand the soundtrack for the movie Ti kniver i hjertet and in1997 Magne released with Kjetil another CD called Hotel Oslo. Followed by Hermetic (1732 Høtten) in the year1998.

The last CD of Timbersound is the soundtrack for the movie Øyenstikker (Dragonfly) . The movie had its premiere on 14th september 2001 in Norway. Magne's first song (sung by himself) is called Dragonfly and is also avaible in Norway. Watch also: albums .

Magne Furuholmen finnished his work on his first solo album (not a soundtrack) which will come out in September 2004 ("Passion Fruit Records" is the label). Besides Magne has many exhibitions in Norway amd one in London and he plays some concerts in Norway and one in London. More informations see: News.

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