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a-ha are: the keyboarder Magne Furuholmen, the guitarist Pål Waaktaar Savoy and the vocalist Morten Harket. a-ha are from Norway and the band excist since 1982.

Take on me Video

The third version of the song Take on me of a-ha was released in 1985 together with the video and was very successful all over the world.

After an successful music career and 6 albums (watch discography) - including the titeltrack of the James Bond movie The living daylights and the best-of-album The hits of a-ha - it begun in 1993 to be a little bit more quit about a-ha. Pål Waaktaar Savoy was more involed in his band Savoy at this time and also the vocalist of a-ha Morten Harket recorded some soloalbums, partly in norwegian, and did some collaborations with other artists. Magne Furuholmen took the time to turn to his secound passion - the painting. But finally he composed together with Kjetil Bjerkestrand under the name Timersound some soundtracks.

In the year 2000 a-ha have a great comeback. Their 7th album Minor earth, major sky was released and the first single Summer moved on was really successful in the charts.

Summer moved on Video

The concerts on their tour in november 2000 in Japan and Germany were sold out and also the festivals in 2001 where a-ha played as headliner around Europe were an amazing success for a-ha.
The 8th album Lifelines of a-ha came out in april 2002. Many different producers have worked on the album together with a-ha, for example Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley (who worked already with Madness, Morrissey) and Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys), but also newcomers like the Swede Nåid as well as Ian Caple and Tore Johanssonan (The Cardigans).

Forever not yours Video

The first single of Lifelines isForever not yours is a typical a-ha song. The arrangement of the song together with the voice of Morten Harket speaks for itself.

In autumn 2002 a-ha were on tour with the album Lifelines . a-ha played concerts in Norway (Oslo), Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, South America, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The live-album How can I sleep with your voice in my head came out in march 2003. In october / november 2003 a-ha played some concerts in Russia and in Norway (Trondheim).

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