Morten Harket

Morten was born on 14th september 1959 in Kongsberg, Norway. He is the vocalist and frontman of the norwegian band a-ha. Besides a-ha, Morten has also worked on different soloprojects. On this site you can inform yourself about Morten´s solo albums and more.

Morten's albums

Poetenes Evangelium, 1993
Jesu liv i norske dikt

(only in Norway)
Watch also: Lyrics

1. Natten
2. Hymne til Josef
3. Salome
4. Elisabet synger ved Johannes døperens død
5. Fra templet
6. Hvor krybben stod
7. Rytteren
8. Sviket
9. Påske
10. Den fremmede
11. Den fremmede taler til mennesket
12. Engelen

Wild Seed, 1995
watch also: Lyrics

1. Burning out again (a kind of christmas card)
2. Spanish steps
3. Half in love half in hate
4. Brodsky tune
5. Wild seed
6. Los angeles
7. East timor
8. Lay me down tonight
9. Tell me what you see
10. Stay
11. Lord
12. Ready to go home

Vogts Villa, 1996
(only in Norway)
Watch also: Lyrics

1. Tilbake til livet
2. Jeg kjenner ingen fremtid
(engl. All of you concerned)
3. Herre i drømmen
4. Fremmed her
(engl. Gospel from a heaven)
5. Søndag morgen
6. Gammal og vis
7. Taksameteret går
8. Himmelske danser
9. Lyser når du drar
10. Vuggevise
(engl. Lay me down tonight,
Wild Seed)

Letter from Egypt, 2008

1. Darkspace
2. Send me an Angel
3. We´ll never speak again
4. There are many ways to die
5. With you withe me
6. Letter from Egypt
7. A name is a name
8. Movies
9. Slanted floor
(on the norwegian CD Shooting Star)
10. Anyone
11. Should the rain fall
12. The one you are

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Morten´s singles

Burning out again
(a kind of christmas card), 1995,
from the album Wild Seed
1. Burning out again
(a kind of christmas card)
2. A change is gonna come
3. Lay me down tonight

Spanish steps, 1995,
(only in Norway),
from the album Wild Seed
1. Spanish steps
2. Girl, watch also: Lyrics
3. Lord

Los Angeles, 1996,
(only in Norway),
from the album Wild Seed
1. Los Angeles
2. Brodsky Tune
3. Wild Seed

Heaven´s not for saints, 1996,
(only in Norway and England),
Morten sung the song at the Eurovision Song Contest in Norway.
Watch also: Lyrics

Tilbake til livet, 1996,
(only in Norway,
1 Track Promo-Single)
from the album Vogts Villa

Herre i drømmen, 1996,
(only in Norway,
1 Track Promo-Single),
from the album Vogts Villa

Gildas Prayer, 2004,
from the album
Earth Affair - Chapter One
of Gulli Briem
1. Gulli's Edit
2. Source Mix
(Mixed by Addi 800)
3. Radio Remix
4. Album Version

Movies, 2007,
(only in Norway)
from the album
Letter from Egypt

1. Movies

Darkspace, 2008,
(only in Germany)
from the album
Letter from Egypt

1. Darkspace
2. All of you concerned

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Morten's other songs

Kamilla og tyven, Soundtrack, 1987,
(only in Norway),
Morten sings at the Soundtrack
Kamilla og Sebastian,
watch also: Lyrics

Jan Bang,
Frozen feelings, 1988,
(only in Norway),
Morten sings with Jan
Merciful waters

Speiderkassetten, 1989,
Morten sings with Björn Eidsvåg
Det er ennå tid,
watch also: Lyrics

Silje Nergaard, 1991,
Morten sings with Silje
Where you are,
watch also: Lyrics

Coneheads, Soundtrack, 1993,
Morten sings on the Soundtrack
Can´t take my eyes off you,
watch also: Lyrics

Anne Grete Preus,
Millimeter, 1994,
(only in Norway),
Morten sings with Anne Grete

Missa Caritatis, 1995,
(only in Norway),
Morten sings Hymne til kjærleiken
and Sanctus,
watch also:
Hymne til kjærleiken

Kom ut og lek, 1995,
(only in Norway),
Morten sings the song
Evig ung,
watch also: Lyrics

Jørun Bøgeberg,
Songs from the pocket, 1996,
(only in Norway),
Morten sings the song
Never hear that laugh,
watch also: Lyrics.
The cover of the CD is
designed by Magne Furuholmen.

Kvirre Virre Vitt, 1997,
Morten sings the song

Sophie´s world, The musical,1998,
Morten sings on the Soundtrack
A jester in our town,
watch also: Lyrics

Cultures spans the world, 1998,
(only in Sweden / Norway),
Morten sings the song
Jungle of beliefs,
watch also: Lyrics

Perleporten, 2000,
Morten sings with Anne Marie Almedal
Han er min sang og min glede,
watch also: Lyrics

Sølvguttene synger julen inn, 2001
(only in Norway),
Morten sings the song
Mitt hjerte alltid vanker

"Nå lukker seg mitt oye", 2001,
("Kveldsbønner"), (only in Norway,
IKO Forlaget, Oslo),
Morten sings the song
Me slår framfor krossen din,
watch also: Lyrics

Ragnar Bjerkreim,
Musikalske Fasetter, 2001
Morten sings the songs
Jungle of beliefs and
Kamilla og Sebastian

Daur-e-Junoon, 2002,
Morten sings the song
watch also: Lyrics

Gulli Briem
Earth Affair - Chapter One, 2004
Morten sings the song
Gildas Prayer,
watch also: Lyrics

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biography of Morten

Morten Harket was born on 14th september 1959 in Kongsberg / Norway and he growed up with his parents Reidar and Henny Harket and his brothers - Gunvald, Hakon, Kjetil - and his sister - Ingunn - in Asker, not far away from Oslo. Biologie und botanik have been Morten's favourites subjects in school. Also in his free time he spent many hours in the natur - he had on own cultivation of orchids.

Besides Morten's passion had always been music and in the year 1975 he was in a band called Soldier Blue from Norway . Magne "Mags" Furuholmen and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy - the two other guys from a-ha - were members in the band Brigdes and they have seen Morten in 1982 when the band Soldier Blue played in a music club in Oslo . Magne and Pål liked the voice of Morten and they asked him to come with them to London, but Morten need some time to think about that. On 14th september 1982, Morten's 23rd birthday, the three guys founded a-ha (watch also a-ha in general).

1987 Morten played a small part in a norwegian movie Kamilla og tyven. Morten sings also the titeltrack of the movie, called Kamilla og Sebastian (watch also more songs of Morten). The second part of this movie came out in1988.

Morten married on 11th february 1989 Camilla Malmquist from Sweden. Morten met Camilla in november 1986 for the first time at the airport in Amsterdam - when a-ha were on tour ( a-ha on tour). Morten and Camilla have three children - Jacob Oscar Martinus, born 14th may 1989; - Johnatan, born 30th december 1990; - and Tomine, born 14th april 1993.
from the left: Jakob, Jonathan, Tomine
and Camilla

The divorce of Morten and Camilla was in 1998.
Camilla recorded also an album with the titel

First breathe (1997)
and worked as a model.

Morten`s sweetheart for a longer time was Anne Mette Undlien. They got a daugther, Henny, in february 2003.
Morten Harket & Anne Mette Undlien

Since 1993 Morten is also successful as an solosinger.
The two albums in norwegian called Poetenes Evangelium (1993) and Vogts Villa(1996) - the first and the third album of Morten - are only avaible in Norway. The second album which is in english and called Wild Seed (1995) was also published in other countries.

From november 1995 until february 1997 Morten was on tour with his two albums Wild Seed and Vogts Villa across Norway (f.e. in Oslo, Bergen, Skien, Stavanger, Alesund, Kristianssand, Trondheim, Sandefjord, Drammen) und has given in 1996 a concert (only for the press) in London, Great Britain und a concert at the White Nights festival in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Some songs of Morten are also on different soundtracks (Coneheads, 1993 ; Sophie's world, 1988) and on other albums. Watch also: Morten's songs.

Morten had a co-operation with Gulli Briem. On the album Earth Affair - Chapter One (2004) Morten sings the song Gildas Prayer.

Besides Morten also worked on a new solo album. The fourth solo album (it is the second solo album in english) Letter from Egypt came out in may 2008 in Norway, United Kingdom and Germany. On the norwegian version of the album is the song Shooting Star which Morten performed at the solo concerts in Oslo (Rockefeller) and London (Royal Albert Hall) between the 21 - 24 may 2008. On the german version of the album is the song Slanted floor. The singles from the solo album are Movies (only available in Norway) and Darkspace (only available in Germany).

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